Enterprise Systems

As a one-stop IT hub providing the IT infrastructure needs of corporations, VSTECS helps companies exploit IT by giving them the edge in their business through product & services integration, leveraging on its wide portfolio of products from leading IT vendors.

IT Services

VSTECS offers a spectrum of professional, technical and training services. We have the technical capabilities to deploy and integrate solutions like E-services, Data Storage, info-Security and Application Integration.


Having a highly efficient logistical and IT infra-structure, VSTECS has the capability to distribute fast moving products in the quickest and most effective manner to customers anwhere, anytime.


We maintain our position as a leading IT hub by providing an extensive range of products to satisfy each client's needs. Understanding that it is not just the scope of product offerings but also quality that counts, we have always made it a top priority to bring the best-of-breed hardware and software products.

VSTECS does more than react to market trends. We lead the industry to embrace emerging technologies - helping to redefine the future of technology distribution. Our Cloud solutions provide flexible cost structures on a subscription basis for our partners to host software services and applications for their customers As a leading player in the mobility and tablet segments, we bring the best-of-class global brand names to suit changing market trends and consumer preferences.

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