About Us

Business Model

ECS has three core businesses :-

Enterprise Systems

As an Enterprise Systems Provider ECS enables corporations to fully exploit leading-edge technologies and compete in the Net Economy. Integrated solutions incorporating leading-edge technology are offered through strategic alliances with industry leading vendors and its wide and established channel of 13,000 partners and resellers.

ECS helps companies become exploit IT to give them the edge in their business through computing application integration. Having a wide portfolio of leading-edge products and the technical capabilities to deploy them are value propositions ECS can greatly enhance upon. ECS can integrate e-commerce enablement, database, security and system management solutions from diverse IT vendors, utilisings open systems architecture and platform for customers.

IT Services

Professional & Technical Support Services

ECS' Professional & Technical Support Services are streamlined into four major pillars of :

  • Storage & Data Availability
  • Info-security
  • E-services
  • Application Integration

This has strengthened our forte as an IT infrastructure enabler to help corporations exploit leading edge technologies.

Technical Support Services

ECS can satisfy the full range of customer requirements, from providing 7x24 mission-critical and business-critical support for global corporation to delivering basic hardware replacement and telephone support services. At ECS, we provide a spectrum of support services and a series of packages that allow customers to choose the level of service best suited to their business needs.

Training Services

ECS aims to provide its clients with the technological enablement that is the basis of their competitiveness. Offering the most up-to-date and relevant training, of information and technology, the courses offered enhance a company's competitiveness for the fast paced environment today and in the future. It reinforces our commitment to provide customers with complete integrated solutions - e-commerce, security, systems management or otherwise.


Having a wide portfolio of leading-edge products and technical capabilities to deploy them is a value that ECS can greatly enhance upon. ECS is enhancing its product offerings through better pricing and more integrated services. We aim to be an IT hub with a whole value chain that integrates the business from the front end to the back end.

The ability to integrate an existing business into the new Internet based business streamlines ECS' business operations and provide ECS with a more cost-effective way of servicing customers, making overall operations cheaper, easier and more natural for the customer.